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2021 Korea Global Forum in Divided Societies

  • Clock Icon 2021.09.14 (Tue) ~ 2021.09.15 (Wed)
  • Pin IconZoom Webinar

Application Period

Application Period : 2021-08-11 (Wed) 08:00 ~ 2021-09-13 (Mon) 18:00

Application Closed

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the number of participants : No limit to the number of people

  • Application Inquiry

    The person in charge : 이성숙

    Email : project@okfriend.org

    Telephone Number : 02-743-7941

  • Brief event introduction

    어린이어깨동무가 2021년 "한반도 평화교육 국제포럼"을 개최합니다.
    국제포럼 첫 해인 올해의 주제는 "분단사회에서의 평화교육"입니다!

    분단사회 평화교육의 전문가들과
    한반도, 사이프러스, 발칸, 북아일랜드의 평화교육 활동가들이 한자리에 모입니다!

    #DuncanMorrow 던컨 모로우
    #JohnPaulLederach 존 폴 레더라크
    #이기범 #김동진 #김성환
    #MeriJoyce 메리 조이스
    #AlevTugberk 알레브 투크베르크
    #AlanWaite 알란 화이트
    #MajaVodopivec 마야 보도피벡

    이번 국제포럼은 Zoom 웨비나로 진행되며
    사전등록 해주시면 링크를 보내드립니다!!
    여러분의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.

Detail Information

Okedongmu Children in Korea hosts 2021 "Korea Global Forum for Peace Education".
It is our first year of holding Global Forum, and the theme is "Peace Education in Divided Societies"!

Experts of Peace Education in Divided Societies
and Peace Education Activist from the Korean Peninsula, Cyprus, the Balkans, and Northern Ireland are here to discuss about the issue!


#GiBeomLee #DongJinKim #SungHwanKim

This Global Forum will be held via Zoom Webinar,
and access link for webinar will be sent for those who pre-registered for the forum!
Thanks for your participation.

Forum: 2021 Korea Global Forum for Peace Education
Theme: Peace Education in Divided Societies
Date: 14th~15th of September, 2021
Pre-registration: https://www.kgfpforum.com/eng/
Location: Zoom Webinar
(For those who pre-registered for the forum, access link for webinar will be sent via e-mail in advance.)


Event Location

온라인The event will be held

- Zoom Webinar


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